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KONTAKT is a short film based on a research for a sound-movement-performance. The new rules of physical distance and consideration in society suddenly give rise to new spaces that belong neither to the private nor to the public sphere. They are negative spaces that remain unused and empty due to the lack of physical proximity and friction, and by the absence of interaction. The result is a picture of dynamic dividing lines and empty spaces between people.

Performance Project by Alireza Toghiyani and Zoë Schreckenberg 

Duration  7:45 min.
Production Year  2021
Director, Choreographer, Performer  Zoë Schreckenberg
Composer, Performer  Alireza Toghiyani
Director of Photography, Color Grader  Lukas Ipsmiller
Camera Assistant  Sebastian Arlamovsky 
Gaffer  Horst Billek
Sound Engineer  Joseph Nikolussi 
Set Assistant  Patrick Dallio
Set Photographer  Roland Rudolph